Easter 2018

As we celebrate the feast of feasts, the feast of victory, the defeat of death, the hinge on which Christianity is hooked. Allow me to point out one vital lesson the resurrection of Jesus is teaching us: this life is not all there is.

Think about it. Many of us spend a lot of energy trying to make it in this world. college. Pursue career. Buy house. Cars. Make a name for ourselves. Retirement plans. We exercise. Go to the doctor, eat healthy so that we can live the best life in this life. all this is awesome for there’s nothing wrong with these per se. I myself go to the gym at least twice a week.

easterBut here’s the problem— while we do everything we can to have a good life here, how much time do we spend preparing for the life to come? Here’s what Jesus risen from the dead is saying—if you only live for the here and now, you’re living life backward. If you spend all your energy for this world, you’re missing out; He is saying—look this life is short; you live 80, 90, 100 years if lucky. The other one is not a million or 10 billions; it’s forever. Jesus came for one purpose and one purpose only: to teach us how to get to the next life. That’s where all the fun is. So, would you honestly say you’re being trained well for the next life?

Now here’s what it means for a young adult person—15-35 to train well for the next life: you do what the second reading suggests– seek what is above. You do what the women in the gospel did—they looked for Jesus even if all their friends were not. But Look what they’ve found out—they became the first apostles of the resurrection. What do you want to be remembered for? What do you want to be an apostle of? Here’s a suggestion: how about holiness?

Here’s what it means for a parent to prepare for the next life—they strive to raise future who are true witnesses of Christ. St. Maria Goretti, pier Giorgio Frassati, Thérèse the little flower, etc. your children are made for so much more than this world can offer. Teach them how to strive for higher things.

Here’s what it means for a Christian man or woman to prepare for the next life—he or she approaches life with certainly, confidence, joy, purpose and meaning because he knows he can’t be defeated because the one he follows is alive. In his decision-making, he consults the Lord. He remains true to the sacraments because he knows without the risen Lord, he/ she will be defeated. How is your preparation going?