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The telos of This blog is not to portray how intelligent I am; it is not to  demonstrate how much I understand the few books I am going to read; it is not to inflict my viewpoint on my dear readers; the purpose of this blog is primarily to write  a summary of the books I read and open them for discusions. So, if anyone loves arguing, if anyone has an opinion, a different understanding of an issue, or a different way oef attacking life other than everyone else, he/she is in the right place. In this blog no opinion is objective, or unbreakable. I love arguing, sometimes even just for the sake of arguing, if anyone shares that passion, he/she is welcomed here. My wish is that anyone cares about m reviews and actually does comment on them. Thanks friends!!!

My first line of debate is an epistomological question so as to give you a sense of what we will be doing here—- on what ground can we claim to know anything for sure– is it on reason alone, faith alone, experience alone, all three together? or to make more open— how do we know what we claim to know?  

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  1. We can never truly claim to know. It is impossible to have 100% certainty in knowledge about anything. The very simple argument of a brain-in-a-vat (or it’s modern day equivalent of the Matrix) shows that there is no way we can know for certain that every thing in this world is real. But we do need to function in “this world” whether it is real or not. So we build our knowledge base like the foundation of a house. If you say that I cannot build the foundation of my house with 100% certainty that it’ll hold, I’ll still build it (since I don’t wish to go “homeless” or “knowledgeless”) with the most certainty I can; as close to 100% as I possibly can. That almost perfect knowledge is what I will use to function in my every day life and thoughts.

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