C. S. LEWIS, Out of the Silent Planet—chapter 2

Devine and Ransom went to a room for the drink. While opening a bottle of whisky, Devine questions Ransom and finds out that he is in a walking-tour and no one knows where he presently is. He admits he likes, unlike in the army, the freedom of walking alone under no one’s order. By the time he finished opening the bottle, he says that it is empty and so offers Ransom water instead. In his thirst, Ransom drinks the glass of water in no time. Once he had drunk the “water”, the room already seems all blurry and quirky to him. Devine’s words no longer makes sense to him. Everything in the room averted— the lights, the chairs, the floor etc. It quickly dawns on him that he had been drugged. He saw the queerest people he had ever seen enter the room, which was totally dark by now. Weston, Devine, and they have him climb a wall. Up on top of the wall, he was unable to get down, so he remains there.

While up there, he heard Devine saying to Weston, “I was getting tired of this. He’ll do quite as well as the boy. This busy-body will not be missed for months.” Before Ransom could react to their plot, Weston’s hands were already grabbing his shoulders. Then the last thing he remembers was a heavy blow in his head, which causes him to faint.

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