Thought of A Youth Group

Dear parents and grandparents,
On November 12, St. Augustine’s will launch a youth ministry program called “Young Disciples”. I am writing you today to ask for your help. It cannot be done without you. I am counting on you to please encourage any youth between 14-19 to become part of this. While you (parents) are the first and best teachers of the faith to your children, I know you can use extra help.
Why should your children be part of this? Youth, as you know, is not just a certain numbers of years; it is a time given by Providence to grow in responsibility. During this time, every youth searches– like the young man in the gospel (Mark 10, 17-31)– for answers to basic questions—why am I here? What to do to become a well-rounded individual? What is the key to a happy, successful life? How do I overcome my fears, doubts, and concerns etc? Youth is when they want to experience God’s existence. It is when they not only search for the meaning of life, but also for concrete ways to go about living it. They want to know why there is evil, or why people do bad things, or why food, video games, time with friends, TV shows don’t satisfy their deepest longings. This group will empower them to answer these questions.
images-1Asking these questions means they are looking for something deeper. It means they don’t want to settle for superficiality. They want challenges and adventures, ways to reach greatness, a better option, empowerment, guidance and mentoring etc. They want something that can prepare them for the future. They want truth, the real thing. As Pope Francis puts it, “they don’t want to be young people who nod off, who are drowsy and dull; they don’t want to be young “couch potatoes”, but young people with shoes, or better, boots laced. They want to leave a mark their territory.” So, it is a crucial time in their lives. Let us together give them the best tool for the future- Jesus.

So my dear lovely parents and grandparents, encourage them to get to know the real Jesus. I know they want to be on the side of Jesus– the Lord of the eternal “more”. I know they want the Jesus who fills them with a good dose of courage to walk in new and uncharted paths, who opens up new horizons capable of spreading joy, love, faith, mercy, peace, friendship, and hope.Unknown

This is the Jesus that this group will try to offer. If you think your children or grandchildren can benefit from that, please do everything you could to get them to become part of this.
Thank you so much for taking interest in this.

In Christ,
yours truly!

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