A Daring Thought Indeed!!!

Where do we stand in relation to God? Or better yet, where does God stand in relation to us? When we take a peek at “God’s biography”, one thing cannot fail us. His story is told through us. We are His business. It is almost like He is not who He is without us. It is almost like we are the mirror through which He knows what He looks like. We are the material through which He realizes what He is capable of.

In the beginning, as the book of Genesis has it, God created everything; then He created man in His image and likeness and gives him dominion over all (Gen. 1:27-28). So man is the highest and the crown of creation. That phenomenon, human beings, is the antagonist that shapes all God’s subsequent actions. There is no denying however that we are contingent beings. We cannot do anything on our own. We need God through and through. But God needs us as well. Yes, I say it! He needs us. He needs us to tell His story. I am saying this from observation. We are the object of His actions. He does nothing if it is not directed toward us. Of course, God could engage in action that would serve his own self-preservation apart from any interaction with us, but He does not. It is like He does not have a social life apart from us. It is like He created us because He needed a companion. He does not abandon us one bit. He loves talking to us. Everything He says and does is directed toward.


He is like a movie director who does not have anyone else to work with. So no matter how bad the actors fail, he sticks with them. God is the same way. No matter how much we fail, he keeps on working with us. He creates us in his image and likeness. Though we can keep on failing to be like him, he keeps on trying to make us like him. He never gets the scene the way he wants it, but He is not stopping until we get it the way He wants it.

He is a man without history. He does not have parents, brothers and sisters, children, cousin etc. He comes to have a history. His history is discovered through us. We come to know who He is through what He performs through us. Again, we are His priority.



In conclusion, I can go in many directions, but the obvious one is one of LOVE. Anyone who does not give up on you despite thick and thin is your friend. Anyone who stands by you in rainy, cold, stormy day, earthquakes, sickness, or death loves you. That’s our God. He is madly in love with us. Get to know Him. Let Him find you. Trust him. Give your best. Become His friend and you will be the best version of yourself.