From Within To Without Means Inner Peace

It is a very well known paradox the more we look for happiness in the inner world, the more we endanger our inner peace. The rich looks for happiness in their money; the philologist searches for it in his book, and the businessperson in the success of his business. That kind of happiness can be shuddered for it depends on other people. As Marcus Aurelius says, “we can only control our own reaction”.

The man who wants nothing other than forming his personal self is free; he sees that whatever happens to him as acceptable and coming from the other source from which he comes; whatever is withheld from him is surrendered without a pang. Nothing in the universe is too early or too late for him. That man possessed himself wholly for nothing depends on external things. Only one thing is his joy and comfort: to move from one good act to another with his mind centered on the goal—God. The next step in this man’s life is always to fulfill the Holy Will of God for he knows that gives self-perfection and inner peace. He knows that is not easy at prima facie, but he also knows that perseverance always pays off.

With God as the ruler and master of all that he does, that man is living life to its fullest magnitude for he understands his role in the universe. Ironically enough, happiness is that man’s best friend.

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