Finding Your Calling!

I have probably never met you; I don’t know what you look like; I don’t know your past; I have no idea about what you are going through; I can only speculate about your dreams. But I know two very important things about you—the first is that God is madly in love with you, and the second is that you have a longing in your heart; it is like a thirst that no amount of water can quench; it is like a fatigue that no rest can ever end. You have attempted many different things already to try to end that longing; some of them give you temporary satisfaction, but you always go back to the same original state of longing. Would you like to know what that longing is and how to satiate it? Very few find out about how to quench that thirst; yet very few actually decide to follow through with the solution.

These two following prescriptions should give you a different perspective on the direction that you need to take with your life. First, you need to seriously ask what you need to do in life. I mean you need to find your calling. I know this is no easy task; however, if you seriously surrender yourself to God in prayer and ask Him for direction, He will absolutely lead you to your mission. Secondly, you must freely embrace that mission. Remember that freedom is not just the power to act or not to act in accordance with your will; it is more importantly the power to choose the good versus the bad. Finding the calling is only a step in the right direction, but only when you embrace that mission in freedom do you start walking the walk. So it may not be easy at the beginning, but if it is God’s will, it will make you happy. How do you know it is God’s will? It is not contrary to the natural law, and your conscience is not telling you the contrary.

In conclusion, finding one’s mission in life is worth looking for because it brings an inexpressible ecstasy that nothing can replace. Until you find it, don’t stop searching for it. Until you find it, keep being a link in the chain, a bond of connection between people, and never cease being good to others even when they try to harm you.

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